What is Lymphoedema?

A Definition from Wikipedia:

Lymphoedema (Lymphedema) is a condition of localized fluid retention caused by a compromised lymphatic system. The lymphatic system (often referred to as the body's "second" circulatory system) collects and filters the interstitial fluid of the body.

The danger with Lymphoedema comes from the constant risk of developing an uncontrolled infection in the affected limb.

Lymphoedema has been barely recognized as being a serious health problem; however, this is slowly changing due to education and awareness. Still, physicians and medical staff who practice in fields where this disease is uncommon may fail to correctly diagnose the condition due to the apparent lack of information regarding this disease.

The danger of Lymphoedema is that some people develop progressive swelling that becomes fixed due to formation of fibrous tissue (like scar tissue) in the fluid, leading to a massive, heavy limb with skin changes. (Dr Hugh Martin)

For more information please visit The Lymphoedema Association of Australia.