Our Kids

Thomas' Story

Thomas was diagnosed soon after birth. He was born with both of his feet 'puffy' and at first they said it was pressure from the birth and it would go down. We were told a number of other theories/ideas on what was wrong with Thomas' feet. As not many people know about Lymphoedema, and Thomas' feet did not reduce we were sent to a Paediatrician and then referred onto a Specialist.

The Specialist referred us to see Dr Hugh Martin at Westmead Children's Hospital. After Testing the diagnosis of Lymphoedema was pronounced. This whole process went on for 4 - 6 months before we knew what this all meant. So before Thomas could walk he began to wear knee high support stockings. We are lucky in the respect that Thomas wears socks all day and takes them off at night. Thomas has a few lymph nodes enabling his system to work a little bit.

Dallas' Story

Dallas wasn't diagnosed until he was 10 months of age. Dallas was sent to see Dr Rogers who is a skin specialist at Westmead Children's Hospital. Dr Rogers recognised his swelling and sent Dallas to have a scan. Dallas was then diagnosed with Primary Lymphoedema.

From there we were referred to Cheri at Westmead Children's Hospital who organised knee high stockings for his left leg. We continued with the knee highs for a while until Dallas' right thigh had a blow out. Dallas is now wearing full leg pants on both legs with an additional toe piece. Dallas has had positive reports for the last 6 months regarding his legs and I have managed to maintain his legs to the point of him living a normal life. Dallas loves playing sports especially soccer and cricket, He also loves riding his skooter and bike. Dallas is now wearing the stockings everyday and leaves them off most nights